Geotrade - remediation - environmental protection - geology

GEOTRADE is a consulting and executive company, which specializes in environmental protection technologies. We operate throughout the country. The range of services adapted to the needs and abilities of our Customers.

About Us

GEOTRADE is a company involved in comprehensive, formal and legal preparation of projects in the field of environment and geology. Our advantage is the team of highly skilled professionals and the necessary hardware equipment. With our services we guarantee to investors for proper execution of works, accordance with applicable law.


GEOTRADE offers a wide range of services including design work, reconnaissance, cost estimate and regulations. We specialize in land reclamation polluted oil products and heavy metals. We offer individual technology. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer.

Our Customers

Our mission is to provide services of the highest standards and professional customer service. We provide services to a wide range customers. Our clients are companies from the energy and fuel production facilities, the construction sector, local governments and individual investors.


Our team includes qualified professionals. We are happy to help you and show you the best solutions in the field of environmental protection tailored to your needs. invite you to contact us.